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Unemployment Day 8

Hmmm... I have had some freelance work - yay! But no voice over work yet - boo!
No antarctica for me - boo! Exam on Friday - boo-hoo!

And yet... I am strangely not freaking out. I guess it hasn't quite hit me yet that I am not at this very minute, earning any money.

Would anyone like an assistant? I am very good at organising other people.

Joys of Working from Home

Ah... just spent the last hour(?) wandering around the village. It's a beautiful sun-drenched day: I had a half-comprehensible conversation with a local denizen, watched bees wrestling with flowers, while birds watched me with suspicion, observed the polished headstones in the graveyard, tried to work out whether the bunny in the distance was real or not... while listening to the News Quiz.

I feel all warm and happy now.

Quest for New Job

Hmmm... 2 job apps - 2 rejections. Sigh. The search goes on.

start your own mobile network

Does anyone know how to start one's own mobile phone network?
I don't want to make obscene amounts of money - I just want a network that covers the rural east anglia region and charges the right price for texts (ie, 1p per text or less)

Finger Puppet alternative

I had originally posted it as a comment on the other idea but here is an interesting one

Torchwood S2

As excreble the first season was, this 2nd one started gloriously! James Marsters is a joy to behold and I suspect his absence will be painfully felt. He just makes the rest of them look so artificial! The sound was beautifully done this time round.

I have "written" a few opening paras to a few stories but have yet to actually put finger to keyboard.

There are so many films I am looking forward to in 2008, but here are my top 5 that I would go see in the cinema:
1) Jumper
2) The Dark Knight
3) Hellboy 2
4) Iron Man
5) Star Trek

Films I'd wait to see on DVD:
1) Daywatch
2) Eagle v Shark
3) Wall.e
4) No Country for Old Men
5) Lust, Caution
6) Sweeney Todd
7) How Lose Friends & Alienate People
8) Indy IV
9) The Incredible Hulk (Ed Norton)
10) Hancock (Will Smith as an alcoholic superhero)

... and the regulars of course, Bond, Harry & Narnia.

TV Shows I can't wait to see!
Sarah Connor Chronicles

and the biggie of them all:
True Blood!

Indulgent listing over. Work now.